Payroll Management *Performance Appraisal

Training: Human Resources   Program Length: 08 hours


Human Resources Personnel, salary and personnel in training to achieve this level.

Developing Competencies:

Problem Analysis, decision, organizational sensibility, results orientation, continuous improvement.


Where this course will take place?

In Monterrey: at Crowne Plaza Hotel Monterrey

In Mexico City (CDMX): at Salas Di Center en WTC (World Trade Center CDMX)

In Company: at your facilities


  • Providing the attendees, the necessary principles and techniques for the worker to receive the proper payment salary according to job posting importance, personnel efficiency, and its needs and company´s possibilities. Doing this, you will not just be paying fair salaries but you will also convince the workers about this fairness.
  • Securing, through a fair salary application, the capable and suitable workers retention without harming the company´s finances and optimizing performance.


Face-to-face modality


I. Payroll Strategies

A. Payment and Salary Concept

B. Company Benefits

C. Factors to Determine salary

D. Parameters to Fix Company Benefits

E. Consistency or Internal Equality

II. Job Postings Valuation

A. Job Posting Analysis

B. Job Posting Description

C. Job Postings Analysis Methods

D. Form Sections for Job Posting Descriptions

E. Job Postings Valuation Methods

F. Valuation Methods by Points

III. Performance Appraisal

A. Salary Estimate

B. Benefits Based on Performance

C. Incentive Types (individual, teamwork, etc.)

D. Fixing Performance Norms

E. Compensation by Accomplishments

F. Performance Appraisal Traditional Methods


  • Establishing and keeping a payroll structure to assign a fair and equal compensation to every employee and so retaining the most suitable staff.
  • Analyzing and improving the company structure. As a framework, descriptions are very useful to guide company´s employees´ performance.
  • Controlling staff turnover high rates produced for not knowing the individual performance appraisal for each employee and keeping the productivity level.
  • Increasing the productivity through compensations by accomplishments.
  • Helping to hire and place suitable individuals for each job posting.


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