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Increase the reach of your job vacancies on social networks

Catalog Area: Human Resources
Duration: 08 Hrs.
Modality: Online en Vivo y Presencial

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To enable participants to develop social media strategies to increase the reach of their posts and job vacancies.



Recruiters, HR managers, and talent specialists who want to leverage social media and digital platforms to improve their recruitment processes. It is ideal for professionals seeking to increase the visibility of their job vacancies and attract candidates through digital channels.


Módulo 1. Social Recruiting

Módulo 2. Multiposting on Job Boards and Social Networks

Módulo 3. Selection of Social Networks and Digital Sources Based on Candidate Persona

Módulo 4. Catalog of Digital Recruitment Sources

Módulo 5. Types of Content on Social Media

Módulo 6. Storytelling on Social Media

Módulo 7. Creating Copy with AI

Módulo 8. Creating Artwork with AI

Módulo 9. Social Media Content Calendar with AI Chat (GPT, BARD, COPILOT)

Módulo 10. Income Projection Based on Historical Turnover and Staff Increases

Módulo 11. Conversion Funnel

Módulo 12. Budgeting for Digital Recruitment Sources

Módulo 13. Effectiveness Percentage of Digital Recruitment Sources

Módulo 14. ROI Calculation for Digital Recruitment Sources

Módulo 15. Digital Recruitment Sources Calendar

Módulo 16. Organic Job Vacancy Promotion on Social Media

Módulo 17. Inorganic Job Vacancy Promotion on Social Media

Módulo 18. Strategies to Master Social Media Algorithms


  • Increased Reach: Boost the visibility of your job offers by posting on multiple social media platforms and job boards.
  • Precise Targeting: Use data and tools to identify and reach specific candidates who fit the desired profile.
  • Time Optimization: Automate the posting of job vacancies and candidate management, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Develop engaging content and storytelling strategies to capture the interest of potential candidates.
  • AI Utilization: Implement artificial intelligence for creating copy, artwork, and content calendars, improving the efficiency and quality of published material.
  • ROI Analysis: Measure the effectiveness of digital recruitment sources and adjust strategies based on precise data.
  • Personalized Strategies: Create specific recruitment campaigns for each social network and candidate type.
  • Organic and Inorganic Promotion: Implement techniques to maximize the exposure of your vacancies both organically and through paid advertising.
  • Improved Conversion: Optimize the conversion funnel to increase the rate of candidates applying to your job vacancies.
  • Social Presence: Enhance your company’s presence and reputation on social media, strengthening the employer brand.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a long-term publication calendar and content strategies.
  • Social Media Algorithms: Master the algorithms of major social media platforms to ensure your posts reach the right audience.