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Healthy and Responsible Compliance with the SAT (IRS)

Catalog Area: Contabilidad y Finanzas
Duration: 32 Hrs.
Modality: online and Face-to-face modality

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The participant will obtain a practical, updated and comprehensive vision of the Mexican tax system. In addition, through case studies, you will learn the correct compliance with substantive and formal tax obligations.


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Accountants, controllers, directors, administrators, administrative managers or from different areas involved in the company’s finances and personnel preparing for this level.

Numerical analysis, results orientation, planning and organization.


Módulo 1. – Introducción To the Study of Taxes. Local and Federal Taxes (04Hrs)

  1. Types of Taxes in Mexico
  2. Analysis of Tax Elements in Mexico
  3. The Legislative Process and Taxes in Mexico
  4. City, State and federal taxes

Módulo 2.- Anti-Money Laundering Law – ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LAW – Structure of the LFPIORPI Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin (04 hrs.)

  1. Of Financial Entities and Vulnerable Activities:
      • Of the Financial Institutions
      • Of Vulnerable Activities
      • Deadlines and methods for the presentation of notice
      • Notifications through Collegiate Entities


  2. Use of Cash and Metals
  3. Verification visits
  4. Administrative sanctions
  5. Crimes and Obligations

Módulo 3.- Business Law – Contracts and Scope (04 hrs.)

  1. Essential elements and validity
  2. Legal representation
  3. Concept and autonomy of the will
  4. Clauses
  5. Termination

Módulo 4 y 5. – ISR for Legal Entities of The General Regime of Law (08 hrs.)

  1. Taxable income
  2. ISR Provisional Payments
  3. Deduction of Investments and tax losses
  4. Deduction requirements
  5. Annual Taxes: Compensations, Returns and Crediting

Módulo 6. – Federal Tax Code (04Hrs)

  1. Historical background and justification
  2. General disposition
  3. Rights and obligations of taxpayers
  4. Powers of the federal tax authorities
  5. Infringements and sanctions

Módulo 7 y 8.- Practical Analysis of the Wat Law (08hrs.)

  1. Creditable VAT and Transferred VAT
  2. VAT on Imports and VAT on Exports
  3. Calculation of the Monthly VAT Payment (Definitive)
  4. VAT withholdings
  5. VAT Refunds and Practical Cases

Módulo 9.- Thearetical – Practical Analysis of Social Security and Infonavit (04Hrs)

  1. Reforms to the Rules for the granting of INFONAVIT Credits.
  2. IMSS and INFONAVIT Collaboration Agreement with the Federal Judicial Council.
  3. Changes to the IMSS Mailbox.
  4. INFONACOT Reforms and Teleworking Reforms
  5. Inspection aspects that will come by 2023 in Social Security.

Módulo 10. Analysis of Fiscal – ANALYSIS OF FISCAL AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION (04 hrs.)

  1. Differences between tax, administrative and financial accounting
  2. Financial Opinion Vs Tax Opinion
  3. Mexican Tax System
  4. Mexican Financial System

Case Study


  • Plan a comprehensive tax strategy.
  • Acquire knowledge that allows the understanding of current tax provisions and guarantee the organization the effectiveness in decision-making.
  • Understand and apply tax provisions, as well as their implications for compliance with tax laws.