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What is Consultek?

We are an institution dedicated to training and business consulting. We cover practically all the areas that make up a company, such as Management Training, Human Resources, Quality, Sales, General Management, Finance, Operations, Production, Purchasing, Foreign Trade, Senior Management, among others.

Likewise, we have programs of Labor Integration and Training for High Performance Teams.

We also have a team of expert consultants in charge of providing support to companies that require coaching or professional advice in certain areas, or for projects that require the experience of our team, mainly in the areas of Foreign Trade, Quality and Human Resources.

Contribute to the success of all companies in the country through our training programs, without neglecting the human training of each individual.


We believe in Change Processes within organizations, as well as in the growth of all the personnel involved.

When a human being responds and grows, we have in front of us a healthy ambition of development and creativity.

We know that companies and organizations must develop and improve, both in utility and in the human factor.


Consultek originated in 1997 in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon; in response to the new market demands. Mexico was living its first years within the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which had an impact on companies: now they had to be trained to produce goods with the same quality as in other developed countries and also improve the way they performed their administrative operations, all this to become companies with high international standards in all areas.

In this context, Consultek emerged, formed by a team of consultants who provided training advice, Human Resources and ISO 9000 quality controls. After a couple of years, the firm began to organize Sales, Human Resources, and Finance courses as well. This allowed more companies to approach to request the support of Consultek with consultancies and seminars for their staff.

In 2010, Consultek formally began operations in Mexico City, after working with countless companies and having detected a potential market for the services it offers.

Currently, we have a team of highly trained instructors and are located in Monterrey, Mexico City, and Guadalajara.