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Decrease pollution rates and avoid sanctions for lack of legal compliance

Área: Capacitación a la Medida

Duración: 04-16 Hrs 

Modalidad: Online, Presencial e In Company

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The purpose of this service is to determine the degree of compliance with environmental legislation at the municipal, state and federal levels, with the intention of avoiding a sanction for not identifying all the environmental variables of your facilities or for not following the legal compliance. The stages of the service will be developed as follows:


Field Survey

  • Determination of environmental variables in each process.
  • Waste
  • Emissions
  • Discharges
  • Materials

Document Review

  • Land use permit.
  • Water use.
  • Environmental impact.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Operating license.
  • Single Environmental License.
  • Annual Operation Certificate.
  • Manifests in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Permits and records.

Comparison of Current Conditions with Current Regulations: 

  • Municipal
  • State
  • Federal

Report delivery.

  • Presentation and delivery of the report.


  • The physical and documentary review in the facilities is of 40-60 hrs. /consultant, depending on the kind or size of the company.
  • The desk time for analyzing the information and elaboration of the report is similar to the survey time.
  • A permit for using a digital camera will be requested in order to gather the physical evidence of the findings for the final report.
  • The field survey will be performed without further notice in order for us to have a better vision of the operating conditions of the company.
  • The report has a systemic improvement approach, identifying the operative, administrative and documentary opportunity areas.
  • The client will agree with the consultant the program of visits, survey and documentary review.
  • A map with the distribution of the facilities and the description of the processes in general will be requested.
  • List of products and by-products.
  • List of materials, chemical substances and generated hazardous wastes and volumes.
  • General description of the owned environmental facilities.
  • Availability of a person on the ground for some tours and support for information gathering.
  • Audits are general and random, there is no detailed review of all elements, records and documents that the company has, analyzing the processes, and the handling of products and materials that may cause an environmental impact.
  • Coverage of this service does not consider the preparation of documents, procedures, or management before any dependence.
  • Contemplates the presentation of options for the solution of the detected problems and suggestions for their compliance.
  • The delivery of both reports will be 5 to 10 business days after audit completion.