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Catalog Area: Quality
Duration: 16 Hrs.
Modality: Online en Vivo, Presencial e In Company

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  • To provide the participants with the main changes, improvements and benefits in the fundamentals of the implementation of the PFMEA when comparing the AIAG FMEA 4th Edition manual with the new AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.
  • Measurement of effectiveness, efficiency and linking PFMEA with the costs of poor quality.
  • To develop a transition implementation plan for AIAG FMEA 4th edition to the AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.



Leaders, managers, supervisors, and heads of area, responsible for quality or production of automotive service or manufacturing companies and staff in preparation for this level.
SKILLS TO DEVELOP: Continuous improvement, problem analysis, orientation to results.


Module 1. General description of the main changes, improvements and benefits of the new AIAG & VDA FMEA manual. Detailed introduction chapter that emphasizes and clarifies the fundamentals needed to develop a robust FMEA.

Module 2. Application of the 7-step approach: a more instrumental method integrated with the learned lessons and based on error testing to develop the PFMEA.

Module 3. PFMEA 1st step – Planning and preparation.

Module 4. PFMEA 2nd step – Structure analysis.

Module 5. PFMEA 3rd step – Function analysis.

Module 6PFMEA 4th step – Failure analysis.

Module 7. PFMEA 5th step – Risk analysis.

Module 8 PFMEA 6th step – Optimization.

Module 9. PFMEA 7th step – Communication.

Module 10 Process flows, PFMEA, control plan, and work instruction links.

Module 11 Comparison of a PFMEA prepared using the AIAG FMEA 4th edition manual with a PFMEA prepared using the new AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.

Module 12 PFMEA, effectiveness, efficiency, and linkage with the cost of poor quality.

Module 13 Transition implementation plan from AIAG FMEA 4th Edition to the new AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.


  • Reduction of rejections and claims for quality problems.