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Business Training Program

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It is a set of more than 180 courses designed to facilitate your selection according to the detection of needs (DNC).

Through this program you can create a training plan that provides the opportunity to develop a variety of skills, and not just a specific area, as happens with standard courses.

Consultek Top Training (TT) is made up of at least 4 modules. As required, the number of modules can increase. In turn, each module is equivalent to at least 4 hours of training in a specific area.

Here are some examples of recently designed Top Training:

  • Top Training for Managers in Training
  • Top Training for Leaders in Middle Management
  • Top Training for Sales Executives
  • Top Training for Quality Specialists


Top Training

One of the advantages of Top Training is that it can be configured according to the needs of the company and its training schedule. It can be from one to several weeks or months, and cover all departments and human capital of the organization.

Design your Training

Courses designed to be taught when the company requires it

Unites Different Training Areas

Courses for several people on a set of specific topics

Plan your Training

Savings on your training investment

Certificate Courses

Diploma with curricular value from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Capacitation needs’ detection

We build your custom Training Plan (DNC)

More than 180 Courses Available

Training for all levels and departments of the organization

Professional Advisors

Instructors and consultants who are experts in your area


At Consultek we have developed a special program that seeks to increase the capacity for business progress in organizations.

We have called it Consultek Top Training because it is a program that has the flexibility that companies need for their training plans and also has additional benefits in our standard courses and diplomas.

The objective of Consultek Top Training is to provide companies with a training system to contribute to the achievement of their short, medium and long-term objectives.

We invite you to learn more about how you can train your staff with our program.


General Management

Human Resources

Financial Accounting

Top Management

Sales, Customer Service and Collections


Human Development

Procurement, Logistics and Supplying


Foreign Trade



  • One of the characteristics that distinguishes Top Training from other training programs on the market is the design of the courses, which are developed to satisfy training needs in the minimum amount of time required, but with the possibility of going deeper into the area. adding more modules.
  • Another advantage it provides is the creation of a permanent curricular plan that helps staff develop the skills to work in the company, for new projects or responsibilities. This is especially useful as part of an induction program for new staff.
  • In addition, the flexibility of the Consultek program allows courses to be modified even after they have started, that way modules can be added or modified in case training needs have changed.
  • The number of participants is also not a problem. Groups of 4 participants per module can attend, which represents savings in training if one considers that in the standard course model the investment is per participant.
  • A Top Training can be developed by department or hierarchical level in the organization, or by any other selection criteria.
  • Top Training Consultek is the only program that can satisfy the total training needs of a company, regardless of its projection in the schedule and departments.
  • If the company wishes, the training program can be accompanied with coaching and support sessions for maximum performance and development of employees.

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