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Training, Guidance in the Implementation and Follow-up of the Program

Área: Desarrollo Humano

Duración: 08 Hrs.

Modalidad: Presencial e In Company

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In Consultek, we promote productive environments through the implementation of a methodology that’s aimed at establishing standards of order and cleanliness of the work areas within the organization.

The application of the 5S’s methodology in the workplace generates an adequate environment to achieve the well-being of people and the production of quality goods and services.


Accourding to what your company requires, we can support you with the following two items:

  • Training for the knowledge and application of the 5S’s Methodology.
  • Implementation of the 5S’s in the workplace (either offices or industrial plants).
  • In addition, this methodology triggers the implementation of a quality management system in any type of organization.



  • The 5S’s of Quality
  • First S: Seiri (Classify)
  • Second S: Seiton (Organize)
  • Third S: Seiso (Clean)
  • Fourth S: Sieketsu (Personal Welfare)
  • Fifth S: Shitsuke (Discipline)
  • Practice will be on site.


  • Personal diagnosis
  • Consultancy for the formation of the work team that will implement the methodology Training
  • Consultancy for the development of the documentary database
  • Support in the implementation
  • Evaluation of the implementation