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Streamline and automate talent attention and selection

Catalog Area: Human Resources
Duration: 08 Hrs.
Modality: Online en Vivo y Presencial

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To provide participants with Artificial Intelligence and Technology tools that enable them to automate their candidate attention and selection process, saving time and improving results.



Recruiters, HR managers, and talent specialists looking to optimize and automate their recruitment processes. It is especially useful for professionals in companies with high staff turnover and large operational forces who wish to implement agile methods and advanced technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment.


Módulo 1. Agile Processes

Módulo 2. Agile Methods

Módulo 3. Omnichannel and Multichannel

Módulo 4. Candidate Attention Process Reengineering

Módulo 5. Implementation of Automated Candidate Attention Strategy

Módulo 6. Career Site Design in the Metaverse

Módulo 7. Talent Bank

Módulo 8. ATS in Forms

Módulo 9. Automated CV Screening with ChatGPT

Módulo 10. Personalized Competency and Psychometric Screening with ChatGPT

Módulo 11. Reporting Virtual Interviews with AI

Módulo 12. Decision Tree for WhatsApp Bot

Módulo 13. Bot Configuration for WhatsApp

Módulo 14. Virtual Agenda for Automated Appointments


  • Agile Processes: Implement agile methods to improve speed and adaptability in the recruitment process.
  • Omnichannel and Multichannel: Utilize multiple communication channels to reach potential candidates, enhancing coverage and reach.
  • Process Reengineering: Optimize and redesign candidate attention processes to offer a better experience and efficiency.
  • Strategy Automation: Develop automated strategies for candidate attention and follow-up, saving time and resources.
  • Career Site Design in the Metaverse: Create an innovative career page in the metaverse, offering a unique and attractive experience to candidates.
  • Talent Bank: Build and manage a talent bank to quickly access suitable profiles when new vacancies arise.
  • ATS in Forms: Implement candidate tracking systems (ATS) integrated into forms for more efficient management.
  • Automated CV Screening: Use ChatGPT for automatic CV review, speeding up the initial selection process.
  • Personalized Competency Screening: Customize competency and psychometric screening with artificial intelligence, improving selection accuracy.
  • Virtual Interview Reporting: Generate detailed reports of virtual interviews using AI, providing valuable insights for decision-making.
  • Decision Tree for WhatsApp Bot: Configure WhatsApp bots with decision trees to automate communication with candidates.
  • Automated Virtual Agenda: Implement virtual agenda systems for automated scheduling of appointments and interviews, enhancing operational efficiency.