Internal Trainers Training Course

Training: Human Resources   Program Length: 08 hours



Where this course will take place?

In Monterrey: at Crowne Plaza Hotel Monterrey

In Mexico City (CDMX): at Salas Di Center en WTC (World Trade Center CDMX)

In Company: at your facilities


Providing the concepts, methodology and necessary techniques to the attendees so they can develop their teaching courses and seminars within their company. Both technical and administrative, increasing the most important value in the company: Human Resources, easing the company´s goals accomplishments.


Face-to-face modality


I. Educating the Staff
A. How Training must be?
B. Good Trainer Characteristics
C. Training Process
D. Adult Learning
E. Team Building and Selecting a Topic through Brainstorm
II. Guidelines for Public Speaking
A. Course or Seminar Structure
B. Questions and Answers Management
C. Trainer Behavior
D. Body Language
E. Implementation Plan
III. Workshop: Trainer Skills Development
A. Workshop Preparing
B. Topic Making
C. Slides Designing
D. Structural Planning
E. Effective Time Management
IV. Regulations in the Matter of Training and Productivity
A. Seminar Exposition in Teams
B. Trainers Feedback
C. Final Evaluation


  • Obtaining techniques to train your staff and coworkers.
  • Strengthening your company´s human capital.
  • Increasing the professionalism and quality for your products and services.


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