Diploma Course: Design Thinking for Human Resources

Training: Human Resources   Program Length: 08 hours


Professionals who work in the Organizational Development area, Generalists in the Human Resources function. Staff involved or in preparation for this level.


Where is this course imparted?

Monterrey: Crowne Plaza Monterrey Hotel.

Mexico City: Di Center Rooms in the WTC (World Trade Center) CDMX.

In Company: at your facilities.


That the participants learn and apply the Design Thinking process for the resolution of Human Resources related problems.


Focus on problem solving, organizational sensitivity, creative thinking for the generation of solutions.


Modality: In person.


  1. Introduction to Innovation
  2. Why is Innovation relevant in the actual context of business?
  3. What role does HR have in Innovation?
  4. What is Design Thinking?
  5. Applications of Design Thinking in HR.
  6. Human Centered Design Principle.
  7. How can I better understand my employees and what they need?


  • What is the Design Thinking process?
  1. How can I apply Design Thinking to my area for the resolution of complex challenges?
  2. Practical Workshop: Application of the process for the resolution of Human Resources related problem.
  3. Development of an initial action plan.


  • The participant will gain the basic knowledge about Design Thinking.
  • Participants will know support tools to apply the process on their own.
  • They will expand their vision on their role to promote the topic of Innovation to the company.
  • They will create an initial action plan in order to solve an ongoing situation within the company.



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