Methods for a Personal Performance Appraisal System Development.

Training: Human Resources   Program Length: 08 hours


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  • Identifying theory fundamentals for the human resources development management.
  • Describing the main methods (traditional and modern ones) for the employees’ performance appraisal: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Identifying considering facts in the evaluation process for performance appraisal management.


Face-to-face modality



I. Introduction Session

II. Performance Appraisal Concept and Importance

III. Traditional and Modern Methods for a Human Performance Appraisal: advantages and disadvantages

IV. Performance Appraisal Benefits

V. Aspects to Consider for Performance Appraisal

VI. Evaluation Interview: Results

VII. Performance Appraisal Management Tendencies

VIII. Performance Appraisal Tutorial

IX. Performance Appraisal Format Model Design

X. Practical Exercise

XI. Learning and Participants Commitment



  • Knowing the performance appraisal techniques.
  • Perfecting your evaluation interview techniques.
  • Increasing your coworkers/employees performance.



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