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Catalog Area: Human Development
Duration: Doesn´t apply
Modality: Face-to-Face

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Lay the foundations for collaboration between participants from the same department or between departments; reinforcing the basics of communication, leadership, generation of agreements, strategies and improvement of results through the union of talents.

Through exercises and challenges that are solved as a team, it helps all members achieve a common good, in addition to getting to know each other as people who coincide in an Organization.



Personnel from any area and specialty


Módulo 1. Welcome to the Teamwork BootCamp

Building OUR ORGANIZATIONAL TREE, individual signatures in print.

Delivery of Kit for the Event, t-shirt, bandana, foam ball, extra material. (OPTIONAL)

Módulo 2. Introduction What do we do here?

Objectives and expectations.

Exercise 2.1 Human Lottery, what we have in common

Módulo 3. FIT Body-Mind Activation

If you do it alone, it doesn’t look as good as as a TEAM.

Exercises 3.1 Buzz This!

Exercise 3.2 “Calabaceado”, right and left collaboration

Módulo 4. Teamwork Attitudes and Dysfunctions

Exercise 4.1 What is normal? Search and Measurement

Exercise 4.2 Is there strength in unity? Egoism, evasion, irresponsibility, non-commitment and distrust… let’s measure our attitude.

Módulo 5. Becoming a Team

Why is a human pyramid so representative of teamwork?

Exercise 5.1 Human Pyramid

Exercise 5.2 Other structures in Team.

Módulo 6. Differences between Groups and Teams

Things, animals and people alone, grouped and making a TEAM

Exercise 6.1 Sleight of Hand

Exercise 6.2 Ski Race, coordination and dexterity

Módulo 7. Identity, Belonging and Team Spirit

What is our Team called? How is our Team represented? How is our Team motivated?

Exercise 7.1 Pull the Rope

Exercise 7.2 Mountain Trunk

Módulo 8. Management of tension, frustration and mood

“And make a Team in the prosperous and in the adverse, until death do us part”

Exercise 8.1 Spiderweb 1 and Spiderweb 2

Módulo 9. Organizations have divisions, do they compete or rival?

Just like an Organization, we are also divided into teams, BUT do we work as a Team?

Exercise 9.1 Puzzle What belongs to me and what belongs to you?

Módulo 10. Every decision and movement counts

Decisions (or indecisions) translate into actions (or inactions) and they all have consequences

Exercise 10.1 Extreme Jenga

Exercise 10.2 Tower of Cards

Módulo 11. Supply Chains: Action or Intention?

We design the flow of inputs and outputs in the process, as well as the points where our talent contributes

Exercise 11.1 Radioactive marbles

Exercise 11.2 From point A to point B

Módulo 12. What unites and what destroys Teams?

Vital signs monitoring, are we listening to each other?

Exercise 12.1 Mazes

Exercise 12.2 Pass the soup

Módulo 13. Closing of Event DINNER CONVIVIOUS (OPTIONAL)

Reflections and recognition of performance

Exercises 13.1 Aerial Drone Photo

Exercise 13.2 Talent Night OPEN MICROPHONE


  • Update personal commitments to Company-Collaborator collaboration.
  • Increase positive relationships between coworkers that positively impact the organizational environment.
  • Challenge the individual and collective response to physical, mental and attitudinal tests that take place at the event.
  • Distinguish whether we work as a team or only as a group that interacts as necessary.
  • Demonstrate that together we overcome tests that are impossible individually.
  • Increase confidence to analyze and discuss solutions to situations that represent obstacles to achieving goals.
  • Identify attitudes of overconfidence that affect the daily improvement of performance and human relationships.
  • Get to know your colleagues beyond work.