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Catalog Area: Human Development
Duration: 08 Hrs.
Modality: online and Face-to-face modality

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  • At the end of the course, the participant will be able to recognize and accept change as a learning mechanism that allows improvement and business and personal growth.
  • Know and identify the factors that allow the correct management of change, influence and mobilize others in the implementation of changes that support the growth of the company.


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Professionals who work in the area of ​​Organizational Development, Generalists in the Human Resources function who must manage the aspect of employee satisfaction and motivation.

Developing Competencies : Adaptability, continuous improvement, results orientation, decision


Módulo 1. Definitions and Foundations

  1. Continuous Improvement
  2. Why change?
  3. Why do I resist change?
  4. The path of change
  5. Necessary premises to create or adapt the Organization towards Change
  6. Team Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Development of Change Agents

Módulo 2. Employee Personal Change Methodology

  1. (Awareness)- Of the need for change
  2. (Wish)- To participate and support the change
  3. (Knowledge) – On how to change
  4. (Ability) – To implement required competencies and behaviors
  5. (Reinforcement) – To sustain the change

Módulo 3. Organizational Change Cycle

  1. Global Thinking
  2. Phase 1Prepare the Approach
  3. Phase 2 Manage Change
  4. Phase 3 Sustain the results
  5. Assessment of Impacts on the Total System

Módulo 4. The Strategy for Effective Change

  1. Understand pre-change initiatives
  2. Involve managers.
  3. Identify the people who can block or facilitate change
  4. Design a change process.
  5. Build an effective communication system.
  6. Provide the necessary support to managers to lead their collaborators in change processes.
  7. Offer coaching to managers who need additional support
  8. Measuring success

Módulo 5. Generation And Implementation Of Action Plans

  1. Presentation to the General Management and the Management Team.
  2. Generation of proactive, corrective and preventive action plans.
  3. Generation of Commitment, Communication and Implementation of the Plans
  4. Monitoring and follow-up


  • Development of Competencies to analyze the environment of each of the elements to change to improve organizational performance.
  • Improvement of results in Productivity, motivation and staff satisfaction.