Good Ergonomics Practices in Organizations

Factors of Ergonomic Risk Based on the NOM-036-STPS-2018

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People in charge of ergonomics and work productivity, technical and/or administrative processes of any kind of industrial organization or service.


Continuous improvement, problem analysis, orientation to results.



  • Learn the requirements of ergonomics for projects of work improvement and productivity in the organization.
  • Know the content and applications of the NOM-036-1-STPS-2018 and you will be able to assess ergonomic risk conditions in your workplace.


1.- Background of Ergonomics.

2.- Labor Risks and Quality Costs.

3.- Process Analysis, Workstation and work fatigue.

4.- Introduction to NOM-036-1-STPS-2018.

-Relationship with NOM-006-STPS-2014.

5.- Objective and application field of NOM-036-1-STPS-2018.

-Whom does it apply to and whom does it not?

-What does it apply to and what it does not?

6.- Obligations of the employer in NOM-036-1-STPS-2018.

-Application stages 2020 and 2023.

7.- Obligations of the employees in NOM-036-1-STPS-2018.

8.- Analysis of ergonomic risk factors by manual handling of loads.

9.- Prevention measures and control of ergonomic risk factors by manual handling of loads.

10.- Surveillance of workers’ health.

11.- Risk estimation due to lifting and transporting loads, and manual loading operations in the work group.

12.- Risk estimation by pushing and dragging loads with or without auxiliary equipment.

13.- Additional ergonomic evaluations.

14.- Development and training.

15.- Proposals for improving ergonomics and productivity.

16.- Practical exercises and evaluation of participants.


  • Increase work productivity through the implementation of good ergonomic practices.




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