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Catalog Area: General Administration
Duration: 08 Hrs.
Modality: online and Face-to-face modality

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Develop skills in managers, executives and directors of companies to carry out internal and external communication actions in the organization.

Develop in the participants competencies and alternatives to identify the information of value of the organization to communicate, establish the most convenient internal and external channels to carry it out and consider a series of responsive strategies according to the need to present a point of view or justify a special situation at a certain moment in which the company lives.


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Leaders, key personnel in communication positions, Public Relations, International Relations, spokespersons, legal representatives, security managers and managers of strategic areas that are related to the environment and markets.


Módulo 1. Fundamentals of Business Strategy
• SMART model applied to Strategic Communication

• Design Thinking applied to Communication actions.

Módulo 2. Leadership, Ethics and Responsibility in Business Communication
• Transparency and honesty in the information shared and its limits.

• Social and environmental impact.

Módulo 3. Media Relations
• Crisis management and management of reputation and brand.

• Public relations strategies and relations with the community.

• Common cases and how to deal with them.

Módulo 4. Innovative Internal and External Communication Strategies
• Tools and useful communication channels.

• Change management and communication during transformation processes.

Módulo 5. Relevance of digital information today and its impact on companies.
• Strategic use of digital platforms and social networks.

• Effective relationships with influencers and content creators.


  • Differentiate between the information to be communicated for marketing purposes vs. information with institutional objectives.
  • Learn to develop various narratives of Organizational Communication, both for social networks and traditional channels
  • Make the participant more aware of his social responsibility in the social environment and expand his range of personal values ​​and Ethical training that will make him an effective communicator.
  • Improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills to lead internal and external communication teams and projects.
  • Have the ability to respond to special situations that occur within the organization and that generally attract the attention of the community on social networks and the interest of the media. Develop specific and effective strategies and actions to manage the image of the organization.