Company Social Responsibility


Training: General Management  Program Length: 08 hours


Managers, administrators, owners, leaders.


Organizational sensivity, continuous improvement, result oriented.


Where this course will take place?

In Monterrey: at Crowne Plaza Hotel Monterrey

In Mexico City (CDMX): at Salas Di Center en WTC (World Trade Center CDMX)

In Company: at your facilities



Providing Company Social Responsibility Principles and Fundamentals that will help to incorporate a social responsible behavior within the company, either in the private, public and nonprofit, weather the companies are big, medium or small and that allows to contribute to Sustainable Development.



Face-to-face modality


I. Introduction and Antecedents

II. Objects and Application Field

III. Terms and Definitions

IV. Understanding Social Responsibility (SR)

V. Social Responsibility Services

VI. Recognizing the Social Responsibility and Getting Involved with the Interested Parties

VII. Orientation about Social Responsibility Fundamental Materials

VIII. Orientation about Social Responsibility Incorporation within the Company

IX. Attachment A – Voluntary Initiative Example and SR Tools

X. Attachment B – Abbreviation

XI. Bibliography

XII. Exercises and Work Group Dynamics


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