Rapid Reading Comprehension

Training: General Management  Program Length: 08 hours


Personnel of any department.


Written communication and continuous improvement.





Face-to-face modality


  • Providing the participants with the knowledge and mastering of quick and understanding reading strategies and techniques used by great readers; in order to increase their reading speed and agility skills, so as the understanding of useful and strategic texts in their daily work within the company.


Where this course will take place?

In Monterrey: at Crowne Plaza Hotel Monterrey

In Mexico City (CDMX): at Salas Di Center en WTC (World Trade Center CDMX)

In Company: at your facilities



I. Analysis and Understanding Daily Reading

II. Agile and Understanding Reading Techniques

A. Quick Texts Test

III. Practical Methods and Rules

IV. Text Scanning and its First Understanding

V. Advises and Techniques for Reading Speed Improvement

A.  Vocabulary Handling and Knowledge

VI. Senses Employment and Ideas Organization

VII. ‘In House’ Practices for Effective Experimentation

VIII. Support Attachments and Practice Cases



  • Techniques, procedures, and personal usage as daily work tools towards written texts time-compensation improvement. Sensitive and mental strategies management for diverse readings, useful for work, understanding-comprehension-assimilation.





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