ISO 31000:2018 for Risk Management

Training: Quality  Program Length: 08 hours




By the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to understand:

  • General principles and guidelines for identified risk management in the company, according to ISO 31000:2018.
  • Key and important aspects for risk management model design for all company’s processes, functions, areas, and activities.
  • The process to evaluate and follow up identified risks by using techniques according to ISO 31010 in order to ensure control over risks associated to the company’s activities.


I. Introduction
II. Reach
III. Terms and Definitions
IV. Principles
V. Model (structure)
VI. Process
VII. Generals
VIII. Communication and Consultation
IX. Establishing Content and its Criteria
X. Evaluation Risks
XI. Risks
XII. Follow up and Overview
XIII. Risk Management Process Registration
XIV. Attributes for Risk Management Improvement
XV. Exercises using techniques for risk management evaluation ISO 31010


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