Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Capacitación: Alta Dirección   Duracion: 10hrs


Leaders, managers, supervisors and heads of department in charge of quality or production of service or manufacturing companies, as well as personnel on training for this level.


Continuous improvement, planning, orientation to results, control


  1. Fundamentals of planning
  1. Planning in the company
  2. Different levels of planning in Manufacture
  3. Basic principles and effective planning
  4. Demand and Prediction


  1. MRP basis
  1. Understanding the requirements to manufacture a product
  2. Stock replacement methods
  3. Comparing MRP and other techniques
  4. Capacity and routing
  5. Programming MRP  by phase-time




III.     MRP flow and creation

  1. Defining MRP elements
  2. Mapping MRP flow
  3. Detailing objectives and functions
  4. Explosion, list of Materials
  5. MRP calculations sheet
  6. Example


  1. Management with MRP
  1. MRP process execution
  2.  Indented and summarized bill of materials
  3. Detailing MRP planning
  4. Requirements and role of the planner
  5. MRP outputs generation
  6. Policies, evaluation


    • The participant will be able to implement an MRP in its organization.
    • To determine capacities and batches in the production or business process
    • The option of having a better logistics planning and/or production program.




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