Social Media Effective Usage and its Application in Companies

Training: It and telecom Program Length: 08 hours



  • Knowing the new Digital Marketing trends to offer an impressive company picture to social media users.
  • Valuing social media usage as a current attention catcher and market presence.
  • Applying better social media management practices to create a customer-company bond.
  • Designing publicity campaigns of direct response or trademark positioning through social media.
  • Accomplishing social media communities that allow feedback and revenue.



I. Image and Digital Branding

A. Design and Digital Image

B. User Experience in Social Media

C. Posts

II. Social Media

A. Why using social media?

B. Social Media Scope

C. Company’s Content Creation

D. What social media to use?

III. Interaction Techniques

A. Incentives

B. Surveys

C. Promotions

D. Raffles

E. Launchings

F. Banners Types

G. Videos

H. Updating and New Trends

IV. Creating Publicity Campaigns

A. Organic Campaigns

B. Paid Campaigns in Facebook and YouTube

C. Social Media Optimization

V. Community Manager Fundamentals

A. Community Manager Characteristics

B. Community Manager Objective

C. Publications Programing

D. Critical Cases Management

VI. Social Media Measurement

A. Feedback

B. Interaction Goals

C. Revenue


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