Excel Macros

Training: It and telecom Program Length: 08 hours


People with advanced Excel knowledge.



Knowing what Macros are and what can be done with them.


  1. Find function
  2. Pivot tables
  3. Introduction to Macros

3.1. Setting up the Macro Developer environment

3.2. Macro Security

  1. Use Relative References
  2. Record Macros
  3. Create Simple Applications with Macros
  4. Objects and Methods
  5. VB code
  6. Create variables, constant
  7. IF, ELSE
  8. Create Custom Roles
  9. Automate repetitive tasks with Macros

12.1. Import data from database or file

12.2. Generate a report on the imported information.

  1. Assign Buttons to Macros
  2. Add buttons to trigger Environment Macros
  3. Create applications with Form controls
  4. Develop custom functions
  5. Use Active x buttons
  6. Use User Form
  7. Application with User Form
  8. Create Loop, While loops
  9. Create Power Point documents using an Excel database


  • A diagnosis test will be applied to measure the audience knowledge.
  • A guide will be given.
  • The course includes practices for each subject.
  • A test will be applied at the end of the course.


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