Office 2016

Training: It and telecom Program Length: 16 hours


All people, in general from service or manufacturing companies.


Performance orientation, continuous improvement, critical capacity.


At the end of the course, the attendant will be able to apply correctly the skills and tools for Office 2016.


  1. Excel 2016

A. Excel 2016 work interfaceB. Data types and series managementC. Relative, Absolute and Mixed ReferencesD. Format of cells, Custom formatsE. AutoFiltersF. Sort informationG. Data tables and structured references in formulasH. Basic graphics and mini graphicsI. Basic integrated functions


  1. Word 2016

A. Word 2016 working interfaceB. Format Text, borders and shadingC. Numbering and bulletsD. Insert images and coversE. Insert tablesF. Create tables of contents


  • PowerPoint 2016

A. PowerPoint 2016 working interfaceB. Slide designsC. Blank presentationsD. Presentations from predefined templatesE. Insertion and handling of objectsF. Transition of the slideG. Object animation


  • At the beginning a diagnostic test will be applied to know the levels of the audience.·
  • A manual will be delivered by assistant
  • The course includes practices for each subject
  • At the end of the course, a knowledge test will be applied to the subjects taught.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Certificate with STPS registration (WCC1008026U2-0013)

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