Training Internal Auditors for Customs Services (NMX-R-026-SCFI.2016)

Training: Foreign Trade  Program Length: 08 hours

Dirigido a

Foreign Trade Area, Importers and Exporters, Trade and Logistics Staff, Customs Department, Legal Department Executives.


Auditing the Quality System under the Mexican Norm NMX-R-026-SCFI-2016 requirements. “Quality Formalities in Customs Services”.


 I. NMX-R-026-2016 Norm Requirements (auditor focus)
II. Process Focus
III. Internal Auditing Techniques based on ISO 19011:2018
IV. Auditing Planning and Execution Workshop
V. No Conformities Description
VI. Practice Exercises and Participants’ Evaluation


  • Validating the Quality System compliance with the NMX norm requirements with the purpose of certification and continuing improvement.

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