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Catalog Area: Sales, customer service and collections
Duration: 08 Hrs.
Modality: online and Face-to-face modality

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Differentiate immediate consumer products from long-lasting ones, and discover how their perception, motivation and behavior are, in order to create marketing campaigns and strategies that reach them effectively




Módulo 1.- Introduction

  • What is emotional marketing?
  • Role of psychology in marketing
  • Importance of psychology in marketing
  • Fundamentals of psychology applied to marketing

Módulo 2.- Use of techniques and actions of marketing psychology

  • Consumption by impulse
  • The brand
  • Emotional value
  • Emotional security

Módulo 3.- Neurosciences applied to marketing or neuro marketing

  • Neuroimaging techniques: EEG, fMRI , MEG and PET.
  • Principles of neurosciences
  • Techniques for measuring the electrophysiological response of the skin
  • Electrophysiological techniques for the evaluation of advertising messages
  • research areas in neuroeconomics

Módulo 4.- Consumer Psychology

  • Psychological, personal and social factors
  • Fear, ego, passion, belonging, nostalgia, happiness, tenderness
  • Models used in consumer psychology
  • 10 types of consumers and how to attract them

Módulo 5.- The purchase decision process

  • Social networks and neural networks, similarities and differences.
  • Neural bases of digital preferences.
  • Sensory marketing, imitation and other neuromarketing strategies.
  • Subcortical sales strategies: practical exercises.


  • The participant will identify how neuroscience enhances the main marketing strategies in relation to the growth, development and competitiveness of products.
  • Know the methodologies and techniques most used by neuromarketing for the process of designing marketing strategies and commercialization of products and services.
  • Understand the importance of brain development and neuroscience in client management to achieve long-term relationships.