Excel for Finances

“Use the most effective tool for finance analysis”

Capacitación: Alta Dirección   Duracion: 16Hrs


Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Lawyers and all people interested in knowing about finances through using Excel.


Numeral analysis , planning and organizating, performance orientation.


I. Introduction to Present Value, Annual Equivalent value, Internal Rate of Return, and Recovery Period concepts.

II. Financial statements analysis in calculation sheet with vertical and horizontal analysis.

III. Excel interface overview and some basic formulas.

IV. Difference between the use of Excel and to apply financial formula in a manual mode.

V. Depreciation, Loans, Investments, Bonds, and Index functions.

VI. Financial functions application in practical excersises like: single interest rate, compunded interest rate, effective interest, period number, payment, nominal interest rate, internal rate of return, actual value, future value.

VII. Practical excerises application for time value of money.

VIII. Amortization tables in calculation sheet excersises.

IX. Menu of audit formulas, file protection, and calculation sheet.

X. Analysis menu and SI

XI. Control use in information provision.



  • Will know financial functions bases.
  • Will be capable of creating financial contexts and solve them using the Excel tool.
  • Will understand and apply the main techniques of financial area by using the calculation sheet.




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