Supervision and Leadership Effective Management

Training: Management training   Program Length: 08 hours


Where this course will take place?

In Monterrey: at Crowne Plaza Hotel Monterrey

In Mexico City (CDMX): at Salas Di Center en WTC (World Trade Center CDMX)

In Company: at your facilities


  • Executing within the supervisors group, the basic principles and reinforce the supervision techniques that impact in the administrative and human aspects of its management.
  • Updating the supervisors so they answer to the new functions and conditions needed, to support with results, the strategical goals of the enterprise.
  • Sensitizing the supervisors about the importance in cast motivation.
  • Applying follow up strategies and cast control.



Face-to-face modality


I. What kind of results must a supervisor be focused on?

II. Power and authority of the supervisor

III. How can a supervisor become a leader in his working team

IV. Leadership profile in the supervisor

V. Supervision styles

VI. Skills development as command and coach

VII. Communication skills

VIII. Effective supervision strategies

IX. How to manage conflicts in a suited way

X. Motivation as a quality factor

XI. Administrative management of the supervisor

XII. Analysis of practical cases


  • Enriching the Supervisor skills in order to achieve organizational goals.
  •  Supervisors will have to develop skills to plan and organize better all the goals regarding their workstations so this will contribute to achieve organizational goals.
  •  Enriching the Supervisor skills in order to reach organizational goals.
  • Supporting the continuous improvement and impulse towards the worldwide company.
Registration in STSP (WCC1008026U2-0013)

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