Microsoft Project 2013

Training: It and telecom Program Length: 08 hours


Everyone who uses this product for project management.


Informing the participant about this tool characteristics for projects planning, development, control and follow up.


I. Microsoft Project Introduction

II. Work Environment

III. Menus Project

IV. Tool Bar

V. Projects Guide and Tasks Plan

VI. Project Views

VII. Creating a new Project using Templates

VIII. Creating a new Project

IX. Project Properties

X. Creating Project Tasks

XI. Establishing Tasks Time

XII. Establishing a Key Point

XIII. Repetitive Tasks

XIV. Establishing Appurtenances

XV. Adding Sub-Tasks

XVI. Tasks Notes

XVII. Critical Route

XVIII. Deadlines

XIX. Grantt Diagrams

XX. Project Calendar

XXI. Resources

XXII. Assigning a Resource to a Task

XXIII. Assigning multiple Resources to a Task

XXIV. Resources Redistribution

XXV. Deleting and Modifying Resources Assignment

XXVI. Work Quantity by Task Resource

XXVII. Resources Costs

XXVIII. Adding Cost related to a Task

XXIX. Printing Project

XXX. Project Follow up

XXXI. Base Line

XXXII. Adding a Project’s Progress

XXXIII. Adding a Task Progress Percentage

XXXIV. Adding Tasks Deadlines

XXXV. Adding a Real and Resulting Work

XXXVI. Exporting Excel Projects

XXXVII. Project Report


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