Job Interviews and Selection

The most effective way to find the ideal human resource

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Human Resources staff, managers, administrators, leaders and staff in preparation for this level.


  • To know the different types of interview and its application in selection processes.
  • To provide the necessary techniques for the correct development of the selection interview and in it hire the appropriate personnel, allowing the organization to achieve its goals more quickly and with better results.


  1. Job Interview
  2. Rapport
  3. Stages of the interview
  4. Cycle of the interview
  5. Interview by competencies
  6. Assessment Center
  7. STAR Method
  8. Group interviews
  9. Virtual interviews
  10. Interviews Format
  11. Interviews by Competencies Format
  12. Assesment with STAR method


  • Develop the staff recruitment and selection based on a process.
  • Make sure you are hiring the right person for the position.
  • Ensure the hiring of adequate staff for the position and the organization.
  • Make a selection of appropriate questions about the prospect’s training, experience and adaptability.

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